Selling your home can take some time and hard work!

It can be emotional and daunting; you are selling one of your largest assets and you should find the right Realtor to guide you through the process. Sure, you can sell you own home- but beware, that RealtorÒ are trained professionals who have the knowledge to provide you with sound advice around listing price, preparing your homeand the copious amount of paperwork. We practice the art of negotiation and understand the various markets that involve skilled navigation to make the right decisions for you and your end goal. Most sellers don’t understand the value added in staging a home, presenting your asset to the market, making it attractive to multiple buyer types. Some steps to consider during the selling process are:

1. The Listing Agreement

You’ve decided to go with your RealtorÒ of choice. Congrats, you have taken the right step and trusted a professional with your most important asset. You will now need to engage in a listing agreement; a contract between you and your Realtor’s Ò brokerage. This agreement outlines forms and details related to the sale of your property. This contract should outline the rights and obligations of you and your RealtorÒ along with compensation for your agent, the start and end date of the contract, property address, listing price and details of the property. Here is where you MUST review your contract to ensure all information is an accurate representation of your property- FULL DISCLOSURE!

2. Comparative Market Analysis

You’ve put a lot of love and dedication into your home, we need to get you the maximum value with a realistic approach. Trusting a well versed RealtorÒ to prepare a comparative market analysis will determine a listing price that makes sense. A comparative market analysis looks at all the aspects of your property but not limited to, type of dwelling, location, home size, property size, bedrooms, bathrooms, age of home and features and a history or similar properties sold in your neighbourhood.

3. Staging/Photography and Marketing

Taking your listing to market is crucial. This is where your listing will be viewed by one of the largest global real estate listing systems- also known as MLSÒ. The right look and feel of your home or property online will attract more buyers and potentially more offers. Our professional team will assist with design, staging and photography to get your home or property looking its best! In addition to MLSÒ we can advertise your listing on our websites and social media platforms. Lastly, agent and/or public open houses are a great marketing tool to get potential buyers in your home for a up close and personal view of what your house has to offer! As your RealtorÒ we host the event and answer all the questions and showcase all the features of your home.

4. Negotiating the Offer.

We’ve done all the right things, and got an offer, now is when your skilled and tactful RealtorÒ will help you get the best value for your home. All offers should outline the buyers information, price, contingencies or conditions, date of closing/possession and an irrevocability date/ offer expiry date.

Typically a deposit accompanies an offer in good faith. Here is where you and your Realtor will review realistic expectations of selling your home. You can negotiate the contents of an offer until you reach an agreement or allow the offer to expire and move on to the next.

Once you have signed and agreed to a presented offer- it becomes binding. Its advised that your RealtorÒ carefully review the offer with you and ensure that you both understand the contents within. If you are unsure or unclear, you may seek independent legal advice.

5. Documents to Prepare for Buyers

Offers can have requests for documents, below are the most common:

· Property title
· Survey
· Well and/or septic system certificate
· Status certificate (condos)

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